Live Entertainment in Montville

At Montville Cafe, Bar & Grill we're proud to support local musicians at our venue

Our local talent performs covers and originals which provide easy listening but lively entertainment on Friday Night, and Saturday & Sunday afternoons.



Friday nights from 6:00pm to 9:00pm

Saturday & Sunday from midday to 4:00pm


Regular performers include Brian Carlon, Gabor Josika, Suzie Keenan, Janice Smithers, Tony Boyd & Alexis

Read on for artist performance dates & times.

What’s On / Coming Up

MARCH 2018

02: Janice

03: Brian

04: Gabor

09: Tony

10: Brian

11: Gabor

16: Gabor

17: Gabor

18: Tony

23: Suzie

24: Brian

25: Janice

30: Tony

31: Janice

APRIL 2018

01: Brian

06: Alexis

07: Tony

08: Gabor

13: Alexis

14: Tony

15: Suzie

20: Gabor

21: Brian

22: Suzie

27: Gabor

28: Gabor

29: Brian

Performer Profiles


A full-time musician performing a wide range of genres from jazz to all-out rock, Brian Carlin is lead singer for a variety of bands including The Shake It Up All Stars and The Maqus Band. He also plays solo gigs throughout Australia on piano or guitar with vocals. Appealing to a fan-base aged from 18 to 80, Brian’s range, flexibility and experience as a musical therapist provides him with the freedom to deliver an extensive musical repertoire.