Montville Accommodation

We are happy to recommend some of Montville’s best accommodation providers. The Montville Mountain Inn (tel 5442 9303) is conveniently located next door to us; Secrets On The Lake (tel 5478 5888) is nestled on beautiful Baroon Pocket Dam;Montville Grove (tel 5442 9186) is on peaceful Western Avenue; Hunchy Hideaway(tel 5478 5470) is in the heart of the rainforest just below Montville ; Misty View Cottages (tel 5442 9522) are in Montville’s Western Avenue with views over Lake Baroon ; Mapleton Falls Accommodation (0418 796 054) rests on three acres with views over hills, forests and gardens. You can also enjoy Maleny Tropical Retreat (5435 2113 ) if you love a tropical rainforest setting.  Treehouses of Montville (5445 7650) and Treetops of Montville (1800 087 330) gives nature lovers an atmosphere they would never forget plus Narrows Escape (5478  5000), a secluded sanctuary for a romantic escape.

They are all serviced by our door-to-door courtesy bus.

So, no worries, stay at one of our accommodation partners and have a great night out at Montville Cafe • Bar • Grill.

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